SageComers is one of the best professional versions ecommerce platform that perks on the content management system-Sagever, filling in all the essential functions of an online enterprise to build up attractive, rich and fully functional ecommerce websites in no time. This version of AspxCommerce is mainly targeted to the professional users.

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Growing at a very rapid pace, Ecommerce beyond question is taking the digital business by storm today and so is here SageComers all set to. Yes, with all its first-hand features SageComers now adds more to the proficiency of trading through the web.

  • KPI

    With Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as one of the key features, SageComers employs a performance measurement module that evaluates the success of your ecommerce site by defining a set of values used to measure against a particular set of activities in which it is engaged.

  • A/B Testing

    As a simple randomized experiment with the two statistical hypothetic designs to bring out the preferred one, A/B Testing in SageComers works to be a controlled experiment with the two variants A and B. Being one of the forms of statistical hypothesis testing, this split testing identifies the changes to your web pages that increase or maximize the outcome of interest.

  • Personalization

    Aligning pages to individual users' characteristics or preferences, Personalization as a practical module on SageComers enhances customer service and general ecommerce sales by making the web page personalized to a specifically targeted individual consumer.

  • Performance Optimization

    Performance Optimization similarly is the practice of increasing the speed in which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user's web browser. Upon re-architecture of stored procedure and table, Database Optimization and CSS Optimization SageComers here optimizes your overall performance.

  • Product Type

    Along Group Product and KIT Product as the Product type, SageComers helps put different products at a single place letting in the users to display the items in groups and lets you deal with the highly customizable products to the customers respectively.

  • Item Management Setting

    Item Management Setting on the other hand allows you to easily keep track of all your products. Keeping you updated with the available stock and store settings; the inventory management, tracking, controls and practice helps maintain all the information associated with the items from one place.

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  • Highly Flexible

    SageComers helps keep track with both novice personnel and seasoned professionals to create such a web portal according to the needs of online traders where products can easily be showcased for the purchase.

  • Enriched with Features

    SageComers is enriched with several features which you can use to build and run your own online store. Therefore, once you download SageComers, you can straight away focus on building your online store.

  • Total Website Control

    Easily modifying the looks and functions of the store to meet your needs and requirements, SageComers offers efficient control and flexibility to both high end users and developers.

  • Promising E-Commerce solution

    With an up to date sales report through Store Sales Reports, SageComers works as a complete package for new or existing merchants who need to design, configure, customize, manage and open their online storefronts.

We provide you the means, do you have the will?

AspxCommerce provides a comprehensive online business platform that is easy to administrate and efficient to deploy. Simply put, we transform your local street store into an online global marketplace.

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