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  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

    Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a performance measurement module that evaluates the success of your ecommerce site by defining a set of values used to measure against. Be it to measure financial performance, understand your customers, gauge your market and marketing efforts, measure tour operational performance, understand your employees and their performance or measure your social sustainability performance, KPI helps evaluate your overall ecommerce site.

  • A/B testing

    A/B testing is a simple randomized experiment with the two statistical hypothetic designs to bring out the preferred one. Working to be a controlled experiment with the two variants A and B, this split testing identifies the changes to your web pages that increase or maximize the outcome of interest. Thus A/B testing brings in the evidence based practice for the improvement of your entire ecommerce site.

  • Personalization

    As a process of aligning pages to individual users' characteristics or preferences, personalization enhances customer service and general ecommerce sales by making your web page personalized to a specifically targeted individual consumer. Ensuing an increased customer satisfaction, the possibility of your customers visiting your e-commerce page continually gets higher when their needs are effectively met with personalization.

  • Performance Optimization

    Performance Optimization is the practice of increasing the speed in which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user's web browser. Faster website download speeds help increase visitor retention, loyalty and user satisfaction. Thus, leading to the less data travelling across the web in order to lower your ecommerce-site’s power consumption, AspxCommerce here optimizes your overall performance with re-architecture of stored procedure and tables Index Management, Database and CSS Optimization.

  • Responsive Design

    Assisting your ecommerce site to dynamically adapt to different screen sizes across desktop, tablet, phablet and smartphones using one set of code, AspxCommerce is now armed with Responsive Design from its central core. Following the 100 grid system to cope with an absolute fluid grid viewing experience, the design is furthermore extended to the adaptive techniques which can largely give a boost to mobile commerce too.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    With a much friendlier user experience design and interface, AspxCommerce highly facilitates its wide variety of users ranging from novice to experts. Even the beginners don’t require any trainings or hours of their time to figure out how AspxCommerce functions. Since your website is a doorway to the products and services, a smooth user interface in AspxCommerce easily helps invite your customers in.

  • Web Based Control Panel

    The web based control panel can be of great use while maintaining and running your very own online store. This feature also comes in handy while making your online store user friendly. The password-protected administrative access ensures that your account is safe. Further, by virtue of our web based control panel, users can now control their cart from any corner of the world.

    Additional features to web based Control Panel include:

    • - All changes are real-time
    • - Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser
    • - Unlimited number of admin accounts
    • - Support for restricted "shipping/fulfillment" admin accounts
    • - User-defined date/time format
    • - Administrator can act on behalf of other users

  • Efficient Customer Service

    Customers are no more the passive players in today’s online business. Now, customers can exploit a wide range of backend tools. They can access order history and order statuses while also adding products to their wish lists, comparing product features, and enjoying multiple billing and shipping addresses features. Such features, in turn, ensure customer satisfaction and your business also gets the much needed input from your very own customers.

    Additional features ensuring efficient customer service include:

    • - Contact Us Form
    • - Feature-rich Customer Accounts
    • - Order History with Status Updates
    • - Order Tracking from Account
    • - Forgotten Password Email from front end and administration panel
    • - Order and Account Update Emails
    • - Customizable Order Emails
    • - Edit Orders from the Admin Panel
    • - Edit orders via customer account
    • - Real live cart possibility
    • - Regular Newsletter Updates
    • - ‘Email a friend’ feature
    • - Product Compare Feature
    • - Product Wish list
    • - Multiple billing and shipping addresses

  • Feature-Rich Customer Account

    It’s for customer satisfaction! Our Customer Accounts are feature-laden with the help of which, your customers can manage their account with great ease. They can track their shopping records regarding recent orders, personal information, newsletter subscription status, primary billing address, primary shipping address, shopping cart, wish-list, recently ordered items, recently reviews and recent tags.

    Customer Account Features:

    • - Order status and history
    • - Recently ordered items
    • - Downloadable Products
    • - Address Book with unlimited addresses
    • - Default Billing and Shipping addresses
    • - Wishlist with ability to add comments
    • - Send Email from Wish-list
    • - Newsletter Subscription management
    • - Product Reviews submitted
    • - Product Tags submitted
    • - Account Dashboard
    • - Facility to change password
  • Catalog Management and Browsing

    Browse and locate your products by going through the catalog where Items are placed hierarchically that makes locating items convenient for the buyer. And, from the store keeper’s perspective, catalog browsing makes your store easily managed and systematic.

    Catalog management and browsing features:

    • - Drill-down Categories
    • - Unlimited Categories
    • - Unlimited Sub-Categories
    • - Custom Paging
    • - Custom Banner
  • Product Management and Browsing

    Customize how your products get promoted in your online store. You can arrange, manage as well as display products in effective ways so that more customers are attracted to buy the items.

    Product Management and Browsing Features:

    • - Products variant attributes (e.g. size, color)
    • - Dynamic pricing rules
    • - Stock management by items
    • - Downloadable items
    • - Digital items
    • - Tax rate per location i.e. Tax Classes and Rules as specified by Store Admin
    • - New items from and to dates – to display in the front end
    • - Featured Items shown in front store
    • - Support unlimited product images
    • - WYSIWYG html editor for product description
    • - Different product listing pages- list view, grid view, compact list view, product grid view and list without options.
    • - Reviews and star rating with user defined criteria
    • - Per items tags and tags moderation
    • - Tax calculation
    • - Related/Cross-sell/up-sell product and accessories
    • - SKU and stock
    • - Product image zoom and light box to display image
    • - Email a friend
  • Order Management

    View orders made by your customers and make sure you are up-to-date about every order, shipment and invoice on your store through our unique Order Management feature.

    Order Management Features:

    • - View, Create, Edit and Deliver orders from the admin panel
    • - Create one or multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order
    • - View order history and order status
    • - Search order status
    • - Export invoice to excel/ CSV file
    • - Get automatic E-mail notifications sent to the store admin upon the arrival of new orders
  • Search Engine Optimization

    AspxCommerce is Search Engine Optimized, whereby every page is indexed by major search engines. This feature secures a high search engine ranking for your e-store adding to the popularity of your store which ultimately means better sales.

    Search Engine Optimization Features:

    • - Advanced keyword search
    • - 100% Search engine friendly
    • - Drill down categories
    • - Search by merchants definable properties
    • - Product keyword field for misspell or similar words
    • - Fully Ajax based search UI
    • - Category and Item Meta Keyword fields
  • Analytics and Reporting

    Generating statistics under various categories will allow you to review store’s performance and consequently to devise effective strategies for the future. In this regard, integration of Google Analytics with AspxCommerce is a major achievement. Generating reports with regard to sales, items, customers, orders, etc. has just become a readily available convenience!

    Analytics and Reporting Features:

    • - Google Analytics Integrated
    • - Admin dash board for overall store report overview
    • - Total order revenue
    • - Top customer by order
    • - Report on Mostly viewed item/s
    • - Report on Purchased item/s
    • - Search report
  • Quick and Easy: One Page Check-out

    We offer complete checkout and payment services for e-commerce retailers. Either as a guest or a registered user, customers can enjoy access to our checkout options, including options in shipping addresses and payment information.

    Quick and Easy check-out Features:

    • - One-page Checkout
    • - SSL security report for orders and cart transaction
    • - Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
    • - Option to create account at the beginning of checkout
    • - Checkout without account or as a guest
    • - Checkout with account to use
  • Shipping

    In order to ensure swift delivery of items, we have integrated various shipping options. Get items shipped to your customer with the help of their own preferred shipping service. Shipping discounts can also be created for order amounts as a part of promotional offers. Shipping options might include DHL, Fed Ex, UPS and many more.

    Shipping Features:

    • - Multiple shipping per order
    • - Flat rate shipping per item
    • - Free shipping
    • - Total sales invoice
    • - Latest search
  • Payment Methods

    Payment procedure needs to be swift and easy to ensure hassle free shopping experience for customers. We have integrated a range of online payment gateways like Paypal, Authorize.NET, Google Wallet and the likes, also including the facility of Cash on Delivery. Besides, our plug-in architecture for payment gateways enables you to add module for your preferred payment gateways and configure it alongside. Hence, customers can pay via check /money order or any other available payment extensions.

    Payment Method Features:

    • - Multiple PayPal gateways integration
    • - Save Credit Card for offline payments
    • - Payment processed via Credit/Debit card (Visa, MasterCard etc)

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